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Af rica Regional Coalition for Sustainable Development (ARCOSUD) is a charitable, Non-Profit Organisation. ARCOSUD established in 2006. The organisation was registered as a charitable, Non-Profit Organisation in 2021 with the aim of assisting people in marginalized African village communities to establish permanent, sustainable and healthy lifestyles for both themselves and their great grandchildren. We use low cost innovative technologies and permaculture concepts combined with traditional local skills and practices that help build community resilience and ultimately promoting sustainability.

Our Mission

ARCOSUD exist to create healthier communities through provision of support and resources that will empower households in marginalized African communities to improve self-care, promote environmental sustainability and fight poverty.



ARCOSUD`s Vision is of a healthy sustainable world of innovative eco-friendly communities free of poverty and socio-economic injustice, in which technology, education and Behaviour change is used as the basis for promoting sustainable livelihoods.

A world free from persistent debility, where holistic nutrition and home remedies, are the first line of defence in disease prevention and chronic disease management. A world where every woman, man and child produces enough nutritious healing food to feed and nourish every family member and are leading a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity.

Our Objectives

The organisation’s main objectives are to-
  • Eradicate hunger, achieve food safety and improved diet and promote sustainable food production systems.
  • To permanently sustain, develop and enhance livelihoods of young people in rural and urban African communities
  • To help interested young people to establish sustainable food gardens within their homelands and train them in critical skills needed for a self-reliant lifestyle.
  • To conduct Community Preparedness and treatment literacy programs for management of chronic diseases whilst preventing cases of herb-drug interactions.
  • To implement the Schools Permaculture Program to improve pupils understanding of science subjects in schools.
The organizations secondary objectives will be to-
  • To work in collaboration with relevant organisations and individuals in ensuring healthy livelihoods and promoting sustainable lifestyle practices in marginalized African communities.
  • Promoting the use of organic superfoods and medicinal meals for disease prevention, healing and healthy lifestyles- Bridging the gap between food and herbal medicine.
  • Reawakening a culture that respect nature, and promoting positive action towards environmental sustainability through land and water conservation projects

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SA +27 67 894 0749 | ZW +263 77 399 5267
ARCOSUD Reg. No 256-384NPO | Head Office Vergflen B Stand 819, Jane Furse Old Hospital, Limpopo
Regional Office Epworth Local Board PO Box H197 Hatfield Harare Zimbabwe
Bank Details: FNB Business Account | Acc No: 62903509399 | Branch Code: 201510 | Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ | Branch: Grenstone Hill